Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.3.4 Comparing SAPConsole with Liquid UI Mobile

Comparison of the SAPConsole and Liquid UI Mobile solutions.

Synactive offers a Mobile solution for handhelds. In the following table we will compare Synactive Mobile to SAPConsole.

FeaturesGuiXT MobileSAPConsole
Hand-held version of desktop SAP GUI Yes No
Works on existing SAP transactions Yes Yes
Supports buttons Yes No
Allows disconnection Yes No
Built in auto-tab and auto-enter Yes No
Data validation Yes Yes
Middleware required No No
Telnet required No Yes
Supports SAP GUI Yes No
Touchscreen support Yes No
PlatformGuiXT MobileSAPConsole
Windows CE Yes No
Pocket PC Yes No
Character-based OS Yes No
Tablet PC No No
Windows Mobile Yes No
DevelopmentGuiXT MobileSAPConsole
ABAP programming required No Yes
InfrastructureGuiXT MobileSAPConsole
Wi-Fi Required Yes Yes
WAN Integration (GPRS / GSM) Yes Yes
Retains back-end connection to Server Yes No

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