Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

6.4.8 Connecting to Multiple Backend Systems

To connect to more than one SAP backend system with the GuiXT Web Server, please do the following.

Note: You must complete this process for each SAP system to which you wish to connect.
  1. Log in as an administrator on each SAP system you wish to connect to and go to the following location as shown below.
    System Administration > System Configuration > Portal Content > Content Provided by Other Vendors > End User Content > GuiXTFuzion
  2. Double-click on FuzionSystem.
  3. The Property Editor will display. In the Display dropdown menu, select 'System Definition' as shown below.

  4. In the Name field, enter the name of the host machine where the GuiXT Web Server resides and click Save.
  5. In the Property Category dropdown menu, select 'User Management' as in the following example.

  6. In the Logon method dropdown menu, select 'SAPticket' as in the following example.

  7. The additional SAP backend system is now defined.