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1.9 What are different Liquid UI for iOS pricing model?

Liquid UI for iOS mainly offers subscription base pricing model. The following frequently asked questions will helps you understand Liquid UI for iOS pricing model.

What are different pricing model?
You can buy Liquid UI for iOS App using one of the three options,

  1. In-App Purchase through App store, it charges you a one time fee only and lets you use the app for life time.
  2. Purchase through Liquid UI Sales, recommended for bulk licenses at discounted prices.

How do Liquid UI for iOS subscriptions work?
You choose a subscription for 1 month or 12 months (365 days) through In-App purchase. A one-month subscription is valid for one calendar month, which means if you buy it on the 10th of the month, it will be valid until the 9th of the next month. By default, subscriptions are not renewed automatically.

Buying license through Liquid UI Management Portal is recommended for more flexible buying options.

How do I choose a pricing model?
You can either get a client or an enterprise license with a pricing model. Both client and enterprise license lets you connect to SAP Server using Liquid UI for iOS.

  1. Purchase through the App store gives you Client License
  2. Purchase through the Liquid UI Management Portal gives you Enterprise License

To help you choose the most suitable license type, we have created a comparison table between the purchase through App store and the purchase through the Liquid UI Management Portal.

Features App Store Liquid UI Management Portal
License Client Enterprise
Management of bulk licenses   *
Management of SAP server connections and configurations   *
Ability to push out lists of connections   *
Track license usage   *

Learn more about client and enterprise license.

How do I get a subscription?
You can get subscription that you want through the Liquid UI Management Portal.

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