Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

1.2 Features and Functionality

Liquid UI Mobile offers the following features and functionality:

  • Mobile is based on established SAP Application Server protocols.
  • All SAP releases are supported in GuiXT Mobile. You do not need to upgrade SAP in order to use GuiXT Mobile.
  • Mobile uses the same dynpros as SAP. You can access the entire SAP Application Server.
  • No Telnet server, SAPConsole, or web servers are necessary. Browser incompatibilities are also no concern.
  • No third-party application servers are necessary for your device.
  • Multiple, simultaneous sessions are supported.
  • Advanced 'no-signal' support is included.
  • Pattern-matching, data validation, auto-tabbing, auto-entering data, RFID tag reading and barcode reading are supported via the smart attributes.
  • Barcode prefixing is supported. You can scan any label in any order.
  • Enables rapid setup in the case of hardware replacement.
  • Out-of-range handling is supported.
  • No ABAP programming is required - all customization occurs at runtime.