Liquid UI - WS Reference Library Connections through Liquid UI Server

In this section, we will explain how to create a new connection to a Liquid UI Server. You can create profiles for both direct connections and for server connections. Profiles will be explained in the Profiles section later in this document.

Note: Please note that custom screens and printing functionality can only be used when you are connected through a Liquid UI Server.

To create a connection to a Liquid UI Server, please do the following.

  1. Place one or more custom scripts into your script directory on the GuiXT Server and then launch Mobile on your handheld device by double-clicking on the icon.
  2. The Logon Pad screen appears as shown below:

  3. Click the New button.
  4. A new window displays as shown below. In the Description field, enter a description of the SAP system. In the Application Server field, enter the name of the SAP application server.

    Enter the following data:


    Enter a description of the GuiXT Server. This can be anything.

    Application Server

    Enter the name or the IP address of the GuiXT Server.

    SAProuter String

    Leave this blank - an SAPRouter connect string would go here if you are using an SAPRouter.

    System Number

    Enter the system number of the SAP application server.

  5. Verify that your information is correct and click OK.
  6. A new entry will be added as shown in the following example.
  7. Click on the new connection to highlight it and then click the Logon button. You can also double-click the new connection to launch it.
  8. The logon screen will display as shown below.
  9. Enter your logon credentials and then click Enter
  10. The SAP Navigation Menu will display.
    Note: Your screens may not appear the same as the defaults, since you can employ custom scripts when you connect via GuiXT Server.
  11. You have now successfully logged into SAP.
  12. To close the connection, choose the Close Connection option from the Mobile menu as shown below.
    Note: This option will close all open sessions. You can close a single connection by choosing the Logoff Session option. This will close your session, but will not disconnect your device from SAP if additional sessions are open.