Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.5.6 Barcode Reading

The Barcode smart attribute is designed to execute a transaction code or function code after entering all data into all the fields on a specified page. It can be used for manual typing, but it is most commonly used in situations where barcode readings are being scanned. If any field on a given page is marked with the Auto-Submit attribute, then Mobile will automatically execute the transaction or function codes assigned to the attribute as long as all fields on the page contain valid input.

Barcodes on Mobile and Offline

When you use barcodes on an iOS device, you must include a specific piece of code in your scripts. This is covered in more detail in the Reference Library.

However, when you are reading barcodes with the Mobile or Offline solutions, the functionality is slightly different. In these cases, you need only include the 'rf_rfid' smart attribute introduced above. If the device detects a barcode, it will automatically scan the barcode and input the values into the field.

Note: Please see the WS Reference Library for more detailed information, including script samples, on using the Auto-Submit smart attribute.