Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

5.1.1 Connecting Directly to SAP

In this section, we will demonstrate a sample use case using the Mobile client. We will not use a Liquid UI Server for the example, but the process is essentially the same either with or without a Liquid UI Server. The only real difference is that the Server would house the scripts and the connection would need to point to the Server instead of directly to the SAP system. When a direct connection to SAP is used, only SAP native screens can be displayed - users cannot apply any Liquid UI customizations. In the SAP Navigation screen, type a transaction into the command box. In our example, we will use the tcode 'VA01'.
  1. Launch Mobile and type /nva01 in the transaction field as shown below.

  2. The VA01 initial screen will display as in the following example.

  3. Enter some values into the VA01 screen and press Enter. In our example, we will enter the order type.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Enter appropriate line item values. You can use the arrow keys to tab between fields.
  6. When you are finished entering data, click the Save button as shown below.