Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.5.2 Managing Licenses

Licenses are managed in the License Manager. This is a bundled tool and you use it to install, add, remove, validate, and request licenses from Synactive. The only time you will not use License Manager to acquire a license is when you initially receive the products - the licenses will be sent separately. However, you will use the License Manager tool to install the new licenses once you receive them. In this section of the document, the following topics will be covered.

  • Adding and Importing Licenses
  • Removing Licenses
  • Validating Licenses

Adding and Importing Licenses

To add a license in the Designer License Manager, please do the following.

  1. Request a serial number from Synactive as described in the Obtaining Licenses section later in this document.
  2. After you receive a license serial number, launch License Manager. The path is typically as follows: Start > Program Files > Synactive Inc > GuiXTDesigner > LicenseManger
  3. The License Manager will display as shown below. Click the Add button.

  4. The following window will display. Enter the serial number you received from Synactive into the fields.

    Note: You will have to enter one character at a time - cutting and pasting is not permitted. You can also click the Import button on the Add dialog to add a new license, as described below..

Importing Licenses

  1. To import a license directly, first locate the license file that you received from Synactive. This will usually have an '.sy9' file extension.

  2. Launch License Manger and click the Import License File button located at the bottom of the License Manager window as shown below.

  3. The Windows File Open window will display. Navigate to the location where you have stored the license file that you received from Synactive and highlight it.

  4. Click the Open button.

  5. The license will be imported into the License Manager.

Validating Licenses

To verify that your license is valid, please do the following.

  1. Launch the License Managwer and click the Validate button on the right sidebar, as shown below.

  2. The License Manager will check the status of your licenses and return a dialog listing the expiration dates and how many days remain until the expiration.
  3. Click the Close button to close the message dialog.