Liquid UI - WS Reference Library Radiobutton Properties

The properties dialog for the Radiobutton element contains three tabs, as follows:

You can manipulate the properties for the radiobutton element from this dialog box. The tabs are more fully explained below.

Edit control

The Radiobutton tab appears as shown below.

The available parameters are as follows.


Specifies the radiobutton's onscreen coordinates. This is a read-only field - it is not user-modifiable.


Click this checkbox to set the radiobutton as the default selection.


Specifies the radiobutton's width in pixels. This is also a read-only field.


Specifies the radiobutton's height in pixels. It is a read-only field.


Specifies the onscreen label for the radiobutton.

GuiXT Name

Specifies the GuiXT name of the radiobutton. This is a read-only field.


Specifies the technical name of the radiobutton. This is also a read-only field.

Relative To

Specifies the position of the radiobutton relative to another screen element. Select the element to position by from the drop-down list.


Specifies that the radiobutton is not user-modifiable and no data can be entered.

Fields and values

The Fields and values tab enables you to enter values for the field to be modified. This tab is used for situations where multiple selections can be made, such as order types. The tab appears as shown below:

The buttons are defined as follows.


Specifies a new field-value pair. To enter a new field-value pair, please do the following.

  1. Click the New button.
  2. Enter a selection from the resulting list. If there are no values available, the list will be blank and you can enter a custom value in the Value field.
Press enter

The Press enter button will cause the radio button to send an Enter command.


The Delete button will delete the selected field-value pair.


Enables you to edit an existing field-value pair. To edit, first select a pair from the list and then click the Edit button. You can now edit the field and value.


The Parameters tab enables you to link a variable with a specified value. The tab appears as shown below:

Once you enter a variable name, the 'Value' field will become editable, and you can enter the value you want to link with your new variable.