Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

Combining SAP Tabs

Steps to combine SAP tabs:

  • Start a recording in Designer on the first tab.
  • Complete the full process you want to automate, including the fields on additional tabs.
  • Stop the recording. Copy/paste it in the screen to be used.
  • Modify the screen you want the user to see. Remove unnecessary fields/tabs and add custom fields.
  • Create a text field with the description you want the user to see. Create an edit field for the user to type data in.
    • Right-click -> Properties on the edit field. Go to the Parameters tab, type in a variable name.
  • For limiting values use Radio buttons:
    • Radio buttons will have the same variable name.
    • Different values for each radio button.
  • Modify screen combine function and change the set commands to use the variables:
    • Change the defaulted value on the right of the set command with &V[z_variable_name]
  • Call the function by overwriting the default Save functionality. Use onUIEvents:
    • onUIEvents["/11"]={"process":quickTabNotification};
    • Note: "/11" is reserved in SAP for save.
  • Save in Designer and all the changes will appear in SAP.