Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

Add SAP Error Handling

Steps to add SAP Error Handling:

Typical Error handling involving onmessage:

  • Create an onmessage command block after an enter event which writes into SAP. Onmessage commands will execute code when SAP displays an error or warning message.
  • The following code is a standard template and can be repurposed with additional functionality if needed. Ensure that you change the enter command to properly navigate the user.
  • Repeat step 2 for each enter command in which you write into SAP.
  • Place SCRIPT_END:; at the end of your function.
  • Save in Designer and all the changes will appear in SAP.

If SAP returns a popup error:

  • Perform your screen combine function with erroneous data. Your function will pause on the information popup.
  • Get the technical name of the field on the popup. If you are unsure of the field:
    • Refresh Designer while the popup is shown/li>
    • Click on "Controls List" in the Task Pane. Designer will show you the the display and technical name of the field. The typical field is : MESSTXT1 or MESSTXT2
  • Begin a recording starting on this popup. Record the action to navigate away from it, in this instance pressing Enter.
  • Stop the recording, and place the simple recording in your existing function. In this instance the popup appears after you press the Save button (enter('/11');) .
    • If you are unsure where the popup appears you may use visual processing by typing: /ws_vap=1 into the transaction bar.
    • You then press the button and press enter to continue through each onscreen block in the function. You can disable visual processing by typing /ws_vap=0
  • Copy the message from the popup into a variable. This will be the field you noticed in step 2.
  • Display the message to the user and navigate back to the screen where the user pressed the button. In this case IW51.
  • Save in Designer and all the changes will appear in SAP.