Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.2 Features & Functions

Liquid UI SDK is a software bundle created to provide you an experience of the features and functions of Liquid UI technology.

The bundle comes with 2 software and instructional guides to work with the software.

Liquid UI WS (Webscript) technology, based on ECMA script, is developed to meet the following challenges faced by SAP users.

  • The default SAP interface is cluttered with all possible options
  • A transaction spans across multiple screens

With Webscript, you can create scripts to customize SAP screens/transactions that are more convenient and efficient to work with. Further, with an intuitive design, you can implement Liquid UI in your SAP environment, with few configurations.

Liquid UI Software Development Kit bundles the following software tools:


An integrated development environment where you can write WebScripts to customize SAP screens and transactions. The Designer also provides WSIWYG mode, that replicates the active SAP screen. You can modify SAP screen elements using the mouse. You can also UI components using drag and drop method.

Liquid UI Server

Liquid UI Server brings lots of useful essentials to your SAP;

  • Simplified UI as per your business needs for ease of use.
  • Centralized mechanism to deploy and store your customized scripts.
  • Multithread architecture to support concurrent users across your multiple servers.
  • 64-bit processing for faster rendering of your SAP data.
  • Non-Intrusive Communication to improve your overall server and network throughput.

Cost Effective and Ready For Business

With Liquid UI Server, an enterprise can eliminate the expense and complexity of evaluating, configuring and managing multiple servers for different custom built SAP applications.

Easy Centralized Management

Liquid UI Server provides a centralized mechanism to deploy your customized scripts and to send updates without the necessity of managing individual users. This comes with Liquid UI zero footprint deployment and simplified software management.

Non-Disruptive Deployment

Liquid UI Server is easy to deploy, saving months of work as compared to other implementations. It doesn´t require any backend programming and uses existing scripts.

Secure Connections

Through patented technology, the Liquid UI Server connects directly to your SAP via native protocols. This eliminates the need for any additional security layer thus preserving your data integrity against any potential security threats.

Barcode Scanning

The Liquid UI Server provides direct integration of barcode scanning devices or radio frequency devices with your SAP infrastructure. It supports full-fledged scanner configuration on mobile devices.

Strength of Multithread Architecture

Liquid UI Server is power by multithread architecture, making it highly scalable and reliable for load balancing across multiple servers and for supporting multiple users concurrently.

Non-Intrusive Communication

Liquid UI Server handles all the communication between your SAP server and clients. It makes sure to send only the required information to clients from your SAP server, thus improving overall server and network throughput.

Flexible Implementation

Liquid UI Server provides all your SAP optimizations through industry standard JavaScript, eliminates dependency on proprietary languages. This facilitates flexibility to your IT and operations workforce in managing SAP application.