Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

1.1 Introduction and Overview

Liquid UI Designer is a development tool that provides both a graphical editor and a script editor, enabling users to create simplified SAP screens and processes. Designer incorporates support for Drag and Drop and can generate portable Liquid UI scripts in a very short time without necessitating any changes to the underlying ABAP code or business logic. Designer also provides users with a recording tool, whereby a SAP process or screen can be recorded and saved as a script file. The recorder enables users to create customized processes that include only those screens and fields absolutely necessary to a given process.

Designer is available as a trial version for prospective customers. The Designer trial version includes a single license that activates the combined functionality of both the Designer and the WS engine which is included in a trial installation. This enables prospective customers to access all of Designer's features, including the ability to perform screen aggregation. Once the trial period ends, prospects must purchase production licenses both for Designer and for the WS engine in order to continue to perform SAP customizations with Designer.

Important: You must have a valid license both for Designer and for Liquid UI WS in order to save any Designer-generated script files or perform SAP screen aggregation with Designer.


Liquid UI Designer integrates seamlessly with SAP. It is locally deployed and is used by developers to create screens for SAP. Any changes made in Designer are reflected in SAP once the screen is saved in Designer. There is also a Mobile UI in Designer that enables developers to create screens according to the Mobile UI guidelines. However, the screens themselves must still be created locally. Liquid UI Designer works by applying customizations to SAP screens via scripts. These scripts can be hosted on a local system or on a central repository, such as SAP Web Repository, Liquid UI Server, network shares, or Web shares. Designer is included in the Liquid UI Developer Suite and can be used to aggregate native SAP screens as well as design custom screens for the Desktop, Liquid UI, WebUI, Mobile and Access solution suites. Designer can also be used to create custom upload and download screens for the Offline solution suite. The process to create a custom screen is as follows:

  1. Import the SAP screen into Designer or record a SAP process.
  2. Make desired modifications to screen with the Designer WYSIWYG or script editor.
  3. Generate a script for the relevant screen or transaction.
  4. Store the resulting script in the GuiXT script folder. You can access these scripts at runtime to paint the custom screen.

All screen modifications are removed prior to any client request being forwarded to SAP. Once SAP responds to a client request, the screen modifications are re-applied. Liquid UI Designer communicates with the SAP database and parses the data to and from the SAP database so that the client can manipulate it. There are three major components, which will be covered in more detail later in this document. The components are as follows.

  • Recorder
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Script editor

Language Support

Beginning with the release, Designer supports multi-byte languages such as Japanese or Chinese. The currently supported languages are as follows.

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Japanese


This version of the documentation is based on the release of the Liquid UI Designer software.