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With fieldsize(), you can fix the maximum number of characters entry in native SAP fields.

Note: Fieldsize() is restricted to standard SAP editable fields.


fieldsize("F[Label name"],n);
Note: You cannot increase the size of a field to more than its original size. You can only reduce the size of a field.


  • Label name - name of the field.
  • n - field size.

Available Options

You can use the following options with the fieldsize:


"scrollable":true - Enables scrolling in a field.

Options Detail


  1. The scrollable option enables scrolling in a field. The scrollable option specifies if the resized field will or will not be scrollable by the user. For example, if you resize a field of 20 characters size to 10 characters, you can still enter 20 characters using the scrollable option.

  2. fieldsize("F[Material]",5,{"scrollable":true});
  3. Although the visible field length is still only five characters, we can enter up to the original field capacity and then scroll in the field to read every character.


  • In the following example, we will resize the Material field on the MM01 screen. 
  • Launch SAP and navigate to the MM01 transaction.
  • The default screen appears as shown below:


// 'SAPLMGMM.E0060.sjs'