Liquid UI - WS Reference Library



With noscrollbar(), you can hide a scrollbar of components within SAP screens.

Note: The command is not applicable to the SAP screen scrollbar present on the right hand side.

If you have removed elements from a component, thereby reducing the component size, you can remove the scrollbar that serves no purpose.



Available Options

You can use the following options with the noscrollbar:


"removeall":true - Removes scrollbar from an SAP screen

Options Detail


  1. This option is specific to the IW31 and IW32 transactions. To remove the scrollbar in these two transactions, you can use this option. If you do not use
    this option, the scrollbar in these two transactions will not be removed. The syntax is as follows:

  2. noscrollbar({"removeall":true});
  3. Removes the scrollbar in the IW32 transaction.


The following example demonstrates usage of the noscrollbar() command.

  1. Navigate to the VD01 screen in SAP. The default screen appears as follows:

  2. Open the VD01 script file ( SAPMF02D.E7000.sjs) and enter the following code. Create the file if it does not exist.

  3. Save your changes and refresh the screen. The noscrollbar will remove the scrollbar from the screen as shown below.