Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

Running a process based on SAP Server



This system variable is useful in retrieving the actual server name of the SAP server. You can use this variable particularly when working on multiple SAP ERP systems.

User Interface

In the scenario, you can learn how to navigate to different transactions using server name as condition.

  1. Login to SAP and on SAP Easy Access screen click enter. Then you are automatically navigated to VA01 transaction if you are logged in using Juneau SAP server.
  2. You are automatically navigated to MM01 transaction if you are logged in using Zeus SAP server.

Liquid UI Script

///////////////////////// 'SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION.E0100.sjs //////////////////////////
println("Name of the server in use is "+_ashost);
if(_ashost == "juneau"){
else if(_ashost == "ZEUS"){

//on enter navigates to “VA01” if server is Juneau and to “MM01” if server is zues
function z_navigate(){
     // SAP Easy Access
     onscreen 'SAPLSMTR_NAVIGATION.0100'

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