Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

2.6 Login Page

After validating your LMP account, you can use the credentials sent to your Email id to login.

  1. Open the LMP website, Enter your credentials on the login page to access the account.
  2. After login, you are navigated to the dashboard page where you can view your account details.
  3. In the Dashboard, users can only see the associated account. An account admin will see information about all the added users. These options are described in the following table.

    Account Table


    Name of the company for which the license has been issued


    This address specifies user location

    Months Purchased

    Number of months the user has purchased the product license

    Months Used

    Number of months the user has used the product.

    Months Remaining

    Overall months left over for the product.


    The role of the user can be an Admin or a User.


    Registered email address of the user.