Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.1 Loading Scripts

Launch SAP GUI prior to performing any action on the Debugger. Logon to your SAP Server with valid login credentials. You will get SAP Easy Access screen.


Activate GuiXT in SAP (if disable) and then launch Debugger.


Step 1: To load a script into the Debugger, first, you need to set the Debugger in LISTENING mode. To set the Debugger in listening mode, click Waiting to attach.

Now the Debugger will be in listening state on the script transaction on SAP GUI. When you open a transaction on SAP, the Debugger picks the script.

Note: Make sure to check whether the session is in active state or not. If not, click Session Refresh button on the build tool bar.

Step 2: Open SAP GUI and load the transaction to perform debugging activity.

Example: /nVA03

Enter /nVA03 transaction on SAP Easy Access screen. Now the SAP will stop responding as you have set WS Debugger in “Waiting to Attach” mode.

Note: WS Debugger will pick the script and debug only if the script is available in the specified local script file path location. This location would be the one which you have specified during the WS Debugger configuration.

Step 3: Debugger will pick the script and would be in a ready state to start debugging activity.

The current line marker will point towards first valid statement of the script. If there is a breakpoint marked on script, debugger will hit first breakpoint of the script.

Parallelly SAP GUI will be non-responsive state until Debugger releases the script.

Note: A script will get released after debugging the complete script or user can manually release the script by clicking on Stop button, which is on the build tool bar.