Liquid UI - WS Reference Library

4.3 Main Menu

Main Menu is the key area for personalizing your Liquid UI for Android App. To view the Main Menu, you can either drag from the left side of the screen or can tap the menu icon on the upper left corner of the screen. The Main Menu contains a number of settings for your Liquid UI client. These are divided into following sections:

App Settings

In this section, you can access the Insider. The Insider contains information about Copyright, client application version information, and some settings for configuring your client application. Some of the settings included are font adjustment, text color, background image settings, printer option, table layout, and theme selection.

The Insider screen is available under App Settings. The Insider in Liquid UI contains two sections - 'ABOUT' and 'SAP SETTINGS'. The first section displays the company and client version information, while the second section contains some settings by which you can modify the display of SAP on your Android device. These sections are explained below.


The 'About' section contains information about Liquid UI App and Licensing. This information is as follows.


This entry contains the copyright information for Liquid UI.


This entry contains the version number for the currently installed release of your Liquid UI client.


This is the URL for Synactive's website -


This entry lists the patent numbers currently held by Synactive Inc.

Registered To

This area lists the name of the registered owner. Only licensed versions will display this information.


This will specify the type of license and the license expiration days and time. Currently there are three possible specifications, which are as follows.

  • sy3 license
  • in-app license
  • Portal (Enterprise) License

SAP Settings

This section has settings through which you can modify the application functions.

Text Size

Tap on this entry to display a screen with settings for changing text size. This is useful for those who need to adjust the size to be larger for easier reading, or for those who are far-sighted and need a smaller text on the device. There are five settings, which range from small and extra-large. The default size is between small and medium. Tap on the name or the associated radio button for each size to select it. Once selected, complete text will be changed to the new size.

Developer Support

This setting allows you to turn on trace logging and email the logs to Synactive. This is helpful to us in improving the product, as well as solving any issues that may arise during ordinary usage. Tap the Turn Trace On button to activate the tracing. When you next turn it off, a dialog will appear asking if you want to send the trace files to Synactive. Click Yes to send the trace files. Click Logging to know more about Developer Support.

Display Notification

This setting allows you to display notifications within the Liquid UI client when other actions occur. Examples might be incoming emails, or phone calls. When this happens, Liquid UI will notify you by displaying a small popup notification.

Background Image

This setting allows you to set a custom background image in SAP. Click this setting and a dialog containing three options - Remove, Select, Snap - will display. The options are explained as follows.

  • Remove: Removes the background image that is currently set. If no image is currently selected, clicking the Remove option will close the dialog.
  • Select: You can choose an image from your device's Image Library to use as the background.
  • Snap: You can use the built-in camera to take an image to use as the background.

Click here to get more details.

Text Color

This setting allows you to display a color palette where you can change the color of the onscreen text. Once you have chosen a color, you can click the 'Done' button to close the palette. The text will then display in the chosen color.

System Message Style

This setting allows you to choose how to display SAP system messages. The options are either to display as a popup dialog or in the bottom status bar. To select an option, click the name or the associated radiobutton in this setting dialog.

Default Printer

The user can select any desired printer as default printer to print SAP transaction pages of Liquid UI App from Android device.

Click here to see how to use printer from Liquid UI for Android.

Table Layout

The user can customize the view of tables in SAP through table layout. It has 2 options named as SAP Layout and Readable Layout.


Themes enable you to change the look and feel of the user interface. Currently Liquid UI for Android supports Classic, Orca, and LiquidUI5 themes.

Click here to know more about Themes.

Note: By default the user can only find four options; App Settings, Connections, About, and Help. License Server Sync and Request License are only made visible after applying the license.

License Server Sync

Tap on License Server Sync to update your SAP connection list on Server Connections. You can see this Sync option after installing valid license on your Android device. It only updates the connections that are associated with "portal License".

Scan to add connection

The user can only use a barcode to add connection using Scan to add connection. This barcode is generated by Synactive Connection Transmitter application. Once the barcode is generated, align it within the frame to scan and add a new SAP connection.



The Connections section of the Main Menu contains Server Connections. To know more about Server Connections, click here.


The About option has information about Liquid UI App and Licensing. The information is shown below:

  • Copyright contains copyright information for Liquid UI.
  • Version contains the version number for the currently installed release of your Liquid UI client.
  • URL of the Synactive's website.
  • Patent numbers currently held by Synactive.
  • Support information like Telephone and E-mail.
  • Registered to, lists the name of the registered owner.
  • License will specify the type of license installed on the device.

The About option also inlcudes Support to send queries, Tutorial to view Android configuration settings, and Verified Transactions are supported with a direct connection to SAP in the initial release of Liquid UI App.


Tap on this entry to display the splash screens that appeared when you first start the device.

Request License

The user can request license from the Liquid UI App. The Request License option has three options that includes, Purchase through In-App, Make a Request, and Portal License Manager. Click here to refer more about Request license.

Configure Barcode Scanner

Liquid UI for Android supports barcode scanning now and it enables Android users to populate any SAP field with a single click.